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Helpful tips

How to use Interact AI quiz title generator.

In order to get the best possible quiz titles from the quiz title generator, here are the best practices:

  1. Be as detailed as possible in the description of what kind of quiz you're looking to build. The AI title generator will anchor on key phrases you put in your description, so add as many key themes about your quiz as possible.
    1. Example quiz description for generating titles:

      “I'm a health coach who helps people improve their relationship to diet and exercise. I want my quiz to recommend one of my programs. I have three programs that are for people who want to invest at varying levels into their health and fitness. My general approach to my business is that I am calm and patient with my clients, working towards long-term change rather than an overnight success when it comes to overall health. I'd like my quiz to be engaging and fun, light but also serious.”

  2. Try varied approaches. Notice what type of quiz titles you are getting when you provide information. Try changing your approach each time and see what gives you the quiz titles you want to see. Here are some ways you can vary your approach:
    1. Use a different tone: Try being very direct and short, then try being more verbose and playful in your writing. See what quiz titles get generated and which you prefer.
    2. Use facts and figures: Adding in specifics to your description will result in more specific quiz title ideas. If you want quiz titles that are hyper-specific, be hyper-specific in your description of what you want.
    3. Write in stream-of-consciousness: Interact AI is very good at understanding meaning from what you're saying, even if what you're saying isn't totally organized. This is super nice because you don't have to think about the perfect way to phrase your quiz description to get quality quiz title suggestions.
  3. Try to copy/paste content from your website & articles. Interact AI quiz title generator can read entire articles or websites and pull out engaging quiz titles based on content you've already created. Saves you time and gives you even more ideas!

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