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Helpful tips

How to use Interact AI quiz question generator.

In order to get the best possible quiz questions from the quiz question generator, here are the best practices:

1. Input a topic to generate questions and answers.

Best practices for inputting a topic to get questions and answers:

  1. Be very descriptive and anchor on details.
  2. Tell the generator who the target audience is.
  3. Tell the generator what tone you want it to speak in.

Example of a topic prompt:

“Principles for how to live a better life. I want questions about all aspects of a full life including physical health, mental health, relationships, and work. I want to focus on the following attributes of life: meditation, exercise, mindfulness, connection, practice, yoga, and play. The target audience for these questions are working professionals in their 30's and 40's who have time and money but feel unfulfilled in their lives. I want the questions to be written in a playful and fun tone, but also be highly informative.”

2. Input a quiz title to generate questions and answers.

Best practices for inputting a quiz title to generate questions and answers:

  1. Frame the quiz title: ie. “My quiz title is: (Quiz title)”
  2. Say who the quiz target audience is.
  3. Say what tone you want your questions and answer to be in.

Example of quiz title prompt:

“I want questions for my quiz titled “What's your skin type?”. The audience for my quiz are older people who are starting to deal with wrinkles and fine lines. I want my quiz questions to be highly detailed around the intricacies of a skin care routine as my audience is very knowledgeable about skin care. The tone for my questions and answer should be informative, educational, serious, and to the point.”

3. Input an existing piece of your content.

Copy/paste an entire article you've written. This works best if the article contains facts, figures, different themes, and topics within one article. Simply copy and paste whatever content you want to make questions and answers from to generate the questions

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